Raise awareness. Build relationships. Serve the community of Madera.

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Our Impact

We measure impact in two ways: through enduring results in the three schools of Madera in in the lives of those missionaries who travel to Madera. If the schools are better, we are better. If they are blessed, so are we.



Thousand Dollars in projects

From new mosquito nets to the painting of classrooms to the renovation of guest houses and new computer labs, your dollars go a long way in Madera.


Years Serving madera

For two years, we have visited the village of Madera, learning from the children there and sharing in their lives.


missionaries who visited madera

In the summers of 2017 and 2018 we hosted trips to Madera. A third trip is planned for 2019.


Our Why

Over 1,000 children attend the three schools in Madera. They find refuge in their schools and hope for a better future.

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Mission Madera is a blessing to my family. I can’t wait to see the children, year after year. It’s an essential part of putting my faith into action.
— Gerard Duphiney