Children of Madera & Our Impact

Mission Madera supports three schools in the Madera area, located within the town of Soroti, Uganda:

  1. St. Ann’s Madera Girls’ Primary School - 950+ students, P1-P7

  2. St. Francis Primary School for the Blind - 100+ students, P1-P7, coeducational

  3. St. Francis Secondary School for the Blind - 85+ students, S1-S6, coeducational

    Please note that St. Francis Primary and Secondary Schools for the Blind are the only schools specifically for blind students in all of Uganda.

Our friend, Joanne. She is a student of St. Ann’s Madera (P5)*

Our friend, Joanne. She is a student of St. Ann’s Madera (P5)*

The children of all three schools are truly amazing and unique. They possess an unreserved sense of joy and genuine happiness. They appreciate their schools which become, over time, their home away from home. Some students are orphans and as such, their schools truly become “home”. For blind students, most of their parents have neglected them and threw them to the streets. In Uganda (and most of Africa), being blind is looked upon as a curse, causing many blind children to be vulnerable.

Each student is given a bed, supplies for class, and three meals a day. Meals include porridge for breakfast and pocho and beans for lunch and dinner. The children take care of their school grounds, often sweeping, cleaning, and tidying up.

In the primary school, the older girls mentor the younger and become extensions of the teaching faculty. Older girls often lead prayers and singing during Mass.


In both the primary and secondary blind schools, children help one another. While some students are completely blind, many have partial sight. As a result, they can be found leading those with less sight from building to building.


A Day in the Life of a Madera Student

  • 7am Wake Up & Wash

  • 7:30am Chores

  • 8:00am Prayers & breakfast

  • 8:30am Classes

  • 12pm Lunch

  • 12:30-2pm Free Time

  • 2pm-5pm Classes

  • 5pm Pray the Rosary

  • 5:30pm Dinner

  • 6:15-8pm Recreation

  • 8-10pm Extra help & Prep Classes

  • 10:30pm Bedtime

*Uganda Education System Explained:

Similar the United States, Ugandan students are enrolled in Nursery, Primary, and Secondary school.

Nursery - 3 years

Primary (Elementary) - 7 years

Secondary (high school) - 6 years

University after Secondary school


The Impact of Mission Madera

Our goal is to introduce young people from America to the amazing children of Madera. While we feel that we make a difference in their lives, they ultimately impact our lives so much more. We always leave feeling that they gave us more than we could ever give them.

SUccessful Projects Completed in 2017 & 2018

  • New computer lab, Primary School

  • New computer lab, Primary Blind School

  • New computer lab, Secondary Blind School

  • New computers purchased- all three schools

  • Blind student software license (“JAWS”) purchased

  • New floors installed, Primary Blind School

  • Classrooms painted, Primary School and Nursery

  • Dining room tables and benches purchased, Primary School (54 benches and 27 tables)

  • Preschool painted & refurbished

  • LSOSF Convent guest houses refurbished

  • Feminine products purchased, all three schools

  • Malaria kits purchased, Primary School

  • 19 new doors and locks for St. Francis Primary Blind School classes & dormitories

  • Soccer Balls for Joy, all three schools (over 60 soccer balls delivered)

  • Electricity and new tile floor for the Computer Room, Primary School

St. Ann’s Girls Primary School. P3 class

St. Ann’s Girls Primary School. P3 class